About Us

Baby Kiss

Be young, Be sweet, Be Innocent, Be Innocent, Be Sexy, And Be Called Baby Kisser

Baby Kiss is a trendy beauty related product brand that was distributed by
Skin Revolution Co.,LTD. Our mission is to give cute girls effective skin care product
with young, sweet, innocent and sexy image.

Baby Kiss has launched Wink Body Lotion 4 colors (BB body Lotion) as a head start.
With the premium quality, trendy smell, and cute packaging, it becomes the hottest BB
body lotion on the social network right now. Real users, including celebrities and pretty
girls, have shared and reviewed the performance of Baby Kiss Wink body and called it
"The Best BB Body Lotion". We can say that Baby Kiss is popular from word of mouth.

Know More About Baby Kissers

The group of Baby Kissers are young, sweet, innocent,
but sexy. They have perfect beauty skin from top to
toe. They have fun taking care of their skin with trendy
products called "Baby Kiss". Perfume is unnecessary
because their body lotion already provides chic smell.
They are confident with their appearance to dress cute
everyday and shine their charm out side their house.

Our Laboratory Standard

  • 1. Our standard to make you confident.
    • - Quality Assurance GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
    • - ISO 9001 : 2008 Download
  • 2. Formula Development with GMP.
  • 3. Production of Cosmetic with GMP.
  • 4. Product Evaluation with GMP.
  • 5. Selection and Evaluation of Packaging Components)
  • 6. Product Registration with Thai FDA. Download
  • 7. Product Registration with International FDA. Download
  • 8. Halai Certificate Download , Gluta Lush Download